Şenol İbiş, a graduate of Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Maritime Business Administration, also provides services for international land, sea, air, intermodal and multimodal transportation systems with branches of Sigma Australia, America and Holland. İbiş is also a member of a logistics network established under the name of Lognet, which has more than 1000 agency networks.

The container problem must be solved before it’s too late!Sigma Container, indicating that they are trading second-hand and new containers internationally, Sigma Logistics and Container Founder Şenol İbiş is responsible for buying, selling and renting about 3000-4000 second hand and new containers annually He stated that they have participated in container and logistics related fairs and organizations for nearly 20 years. Stating that they have the SGMU coded Prefix given by BIC (Bureau of International Code) on their behalf, İbiş said, “Based on this, we have the containers produced in the factories in China on our behalf. As Sigma Modules, we are building modular systems, prefabricated and steel houses based on container repair and maintenance ”.

Container shortage in the world

The container shortage in the world and Turkey said that Senol Ibis, “For over nearly 20 years we have worked fully develop ourselves and our company on the container world, because these boxes are the world’s economy, flora, environmental and social life, how to change and how it affects business for years in my life and I lived in my social life, I saw it. We see and live how the people in the world who are involved in and get involved in the container issue take some powers and jobs, how they own them and how they direct economies. For this reason, we have linked the reasons for the container shortage that our country has suffered to China, as the world did, as a result of the lack of attention from the private sector and the state in time, and our dependence on China turned out to be a bad result. Of course, just as in the nature of our people, the egg caused us not to understand the importance and urgency of this issue before it came to the door ”.


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