Container Sales

Sigma Container’s main service area is sale and purchase new and second hand containers. Sigma Container provide the efficently and effective services to procure ISO document and ICLL certificated shipping containers. Specific or standard containers are deliverd in accordance with wants and needs of customers.

Container Storage and Transfer

Another service of Sigma Container is store the containers for efficent consoldition and distrubution transaction. In addition, Ww can realize transfer transaction of every container which we provide.

Container Repairment and Modification

The activities of Sigma Container are not limited with sale and purchase.of shipping container. According to demands, wants and needs, Sigma Container provides different kinds of services about containers, not only sale and purchase but also repair&maintenance, painting and modification etc. With experienced stuff in loads of depots.  

Container Hiring and Leasing

Sigma Container another services are hiring and leasing shipping container in every type and dimension. Plently of depots in the World, Dry Containers, Open Top, High Cube, and Reefer Containers are suplied acoording to wants and demands

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