20 DC Reefer Container

20 DC Reefer Container

The main purpose of reefer containers is that the products reach their final destination as fresh as the first day without any damage. This type of containers can be used in production facilities not only for transportation, but also for the storage of perishable products. Being mobile and maintaining the current temperature provides a great advantage for the manufacturer.

General features of Reefer Containers:

  1. It can work at +30 -30 degrees.
  2. It works with 380 volts.
  3. It requires 11.30 KVA power.
  4. Portable.
  5. It can be rented.
  6. With its dehumidification feature, it has the ability to reduce the moisture of the product between 50% – 60%.
  7. Ozone ability. (Extending the shelf life of the product and preserving its freshness.)
  8. Retrospective 3-year checks can be made.


Technical Specifications

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (mm): Length: 6.058
Width: 2.438
Height: 2.896
DOOR OPENING (mm): Width: 2.291
Height: 2.259
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS (mm): Length: 5.459
Width: 2.295
Height: 2.268
TARE (kgs): 3.050
MAX. PAYLOAD (kgs): 27.430
CAPACITY (cbm): 28.4